Jumat, 16 Juli 2010

The Best Anti Aging Products from Oxis

Anti aging is still dominated by baby boomers trying to stop the clock ticking. But in recent years a growing number of very young women with barely a wrinkle to show are booking themselves in for the same anti aging treatments as their mothers. So just why are women so keen to look younger even before they start to age?

There are many ad views about anti-aging products out there. After doing some research, at least I know that destroying human life in the cells in the human body by free radicals. and cell damage can be reduced, but by using antioxidant agents such as glutathione.

but still many do not know, antioxidant, which can easily be easy to find! Things like fruit, tea and other foods loaded with antioxidants. but other sources, if you search for”better”body’s anti-aging action, is to get an artificial antioxidants.

OXIS International, Inc is the premiere provider for the potent antioxidant, Ergothioneine and through their patented synthetic manufacturing process remains the only significant commercial source of pure l-ergothioneine worldwide. Their products include therapeutic nutraceutical products, cosmeceutical products and proprietary formulations and clinical products that are developed internally and/or out-licensed to biotech and pharmaceutical companies as drug candidates.

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